We use a variety of decking materials including pine, hardwood and composite decking. We have options for every budget and design requirement and are happy to work through these details with our clients.

Fencing and Retaining

We can build simple boundary type fences or road frontage appeal and feature fencing and gates. Garden boxes to engineered, heavy duty retaining also available.

Pool Surrounds

DeckedOut NZ specializes in pool surrounds. Timber selection is important when working around other materials such as tiling, pool coping and wet areas.


DeckedOut NZ can build and provide all types of balustrading including wooden, aluminium, glass or another material of your choice. We build to current building regulations and requirements, especially when dealing with height.

Pergolas and Seating

We can create outdoor pergolas, roofed pergolas, as well as various seating options to compliment your outdoor space.


Steps provide access to and from your deck area but they can also be a feature piece, creating flow between spaces.

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